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Some can spin animal-shaped clouds, while others paint brilliant sunrises. You collected Beanie Babies as a kid, and now your child is obsessed with wide-eyed Beanie Boos — some of which are magical unicorns. This book follows their story and teaches little readers about the importance of friendship. When Treasure the unicorn receives a mysterious treasure map, she sets off on an adventure with her close friends to find the hidden surprise.

Magical bonus: This book comes with shiny stickers! Could it really be that Mr. Withers, who runs the stables, is secretly keeping a unicorn? This four-book series by Rachel Hamilton follows Louie, a unicorn who dreams of being a star! In pursuit of his dream, Louie travels from Story Land to New York, meeting a host of humorous characters along the way.

The first book in a whimsical series, this story introduces the Melowies — little unicorns born with hidden magical powers and a mysterious symbol on their wings. The Melowies attend Destino, a school for very special students where friendships are born, the Melowies find their courage, and five friends are destined to meet and find their path to growing up together.

Several expensive cars were parked in front of the house. The girls got out, and Katie rang the doorbell. A butler answered. In due course, a young woman dressed in a tweed suit came to meet them. She said her name was Eleanor. Eleanor looked at Katie. Katie could feel a tingle in her spine that told her that Eleanor was a witch.

Presumably Eleanor could sense that Katie was one.

'Unicorn sheep' Joey was saved from the feedlot for two cartons of beer

In fact, the way she looked at Katie said it all. It takes one to know one, as they say. They went out to the stables. And yes, joy of joys, there was Cupid. He snorted and did a little dance when he saw his friends. This was not part of the plan, and Katie wondered if it was a good idea. She thought they should make their excuses, leave, and come back with help. But Eleanor agreed. She asked the groom to saddle up Cupid. Isis climbed up into the stirrup, and started to walk Cupid around the ring, and then to trot, and all of a sudden she kicked her heels onto his sides.

The unicorn, with a little magic as well as horsepower, broke into a canter, took off, and cleared the fence. She realised that she was in a fix, ran for the gate, and climbed out of the pen. Eleanor was on her phone. Katie looked around for somewhere to hide, and dodged behind a barn. From there ,she saw two four-wheel drive cars chase Cupid and Isis across the meadow. Cupid was young, and not used to going fast. The cars had caught up with him and were circling round and hooting their horns.

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Isis had no choice but to pull the reins up to halt Cupid. Just then Katie felt a firm hand on her shoulder. Both she and Isis were prisoners, not to mention Cupid. The two girls were escorted back to the conservatory. The door shut firmly behind them and they heard it lock. Isis tried the glass door that led into the garden.

It would not open. Katie concentrated on the task, but it was no use, the door had been locked by an enchanted combination, and she could not crack the code. Katie shrugged and sat down. This was the worst fix they had ever been in. It was far, far worse than any trouble at school. Soon they heard a loud juddering sound. They looked out of the window and saw a helicopter land on the lawn. It was not long before they heard the lock turn in the door and a frowning Eleanor came in, accompanied by a crew-cut young man in a sharp suit and silk tie.

He looked like he had just flown in from the city. It turns out that your real name is Isis, as in, the Egyptian goddess I presume? The unicorn thieves left the girls alone again. Isis began to cry. About half an hour later they heard a sound at the the window. Tap Tap. They looked round, and there, on the other-side of the glass door stood a delightful figure: Cupid! He nodded his shaggy mane at them in acknowledgment, and then he started to back away, before lowering his head and charging at the door.

His horn went straight through the lock. He pulled back and shook the splintered pieces of wood off it. Katie easily pushed the broken door open. She grabbed a chair so that they could easily climb onto Cupid without stirrups. Isis sat in front, because she was the best rider, and she held onto his yellow and purple main.

Katie clung to Isis, and off they rode across the meadow. When they reached the road they trotted into the village. Fortunately there was a gymkhana going on, which is an equestrian event including competitions and races on horseback. There were lots of ponies and riders spruced up to look their best.

Swiss Miss Unicorn Marshmallows just made hot chocolate even more magical

Katie, Isis and Cupid blended into the crowd like a sort of fun and amusing entry. Nobody assumed that Cupid was not a real pony. She was looking at a pair of burly fellows — both farmers sons. They summoned up their courage and went up to them. If they come, will you see them off? The boys gave Eleanor and her male companion evil looks.

They wisely stayed in the car. The boy handed his to Katie. Katie dialled the number. Aunt Chloe was rather old fashioned and preferred crystal balls to phones. Would she pick up? It rang and it rang. And then a voice said:. A few minutes later they saw an elderly but straight-backed lady riding a white horse. He was, of course, a magic horse who had flown to the village with Chloe on his back. Aunt Chloe took risks like that. She thought that everyone would be concentrating on the ring at the gymkhana, not looking up at the sky, and if anyone did see her, the country cider would probably take the blame.

When the horse-nappers in the black car saw her, they started up their engine and drove off. Chloe glared at them. So thank you Kiki. And thank you to Milly who told us that she loves horses and would like a story about a unicorn. We can also see from some of the names you choose for yourselves that a unicorn story might be popular, so thanks to Awesome Unicorn, Steve the Unicorn, Pretty Pink Unicorn, I Love Unicorns, and all the other unicorns who listen to Storynory and leave comments.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You should do A story where you meet Katie and she turns you into a girl and you have to make you a boy and you ride home on a broomstick!

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I love your stories very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Did you know that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland? We adopted the University of Edinburgh and are studying about it so we found out about the unicorn.

PS: The story was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more. It would be nice if we had lots of stories about unicorns, I really really really like unicorns and horses! I have a great idea for a story. Katie, Solomon, Cupid, and Isis should all shrink and then her mother has to get them back to normal.

You should make Katie go back in time and she brings back a family of Tasmanian tigers and then they get away and she has to get them back before the evil scientists discover them. Katie should have to save the world from a,dangerous wizard who has a hydra and Katie has to use all her magic to defeat the wizard and then her and the hydra become friends. You should make Katie become friends with a ice dragon and then she uses the ice dragon, cupid, and the hydra to defeat all the evil witches like Eleanor and her friend.

Dear Emma, thanks for your suggestion about the ice dragon and hydra and other creatures. And the suggestion about shrinking. And the suggestion about bringing back a Tasmanian tiger. We have been listening to your stories every night for more than a year. You are great so great!

Kayla A. October 8th, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the story was good and it is cool and i think that the story nory is a good website. I like the story Bertie and the time for got. I think the the story Bertie and the time for got was good but i think that Bertie was a good person but he was a bad boy. The end. I love Katie! Thank you storynory! I am ecstatic about Katie, and this story rocks.

Hi Bertie You should do a Katie storie with an uncle or a grandfather who are wizards or warlocks or something. I love this story!!

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Also I am on a swim team. Can Katie find out she has some trouble with water when she joins a swim team? Awesome Story!!! I loved it! I wish I could write such good stories! I also think it would be cool for later stories if Katie meats a giant! It was a great story. Thanks from Los Angeles! Did they die? Just kidding! Love Katie! Archived from the original on Chapter 1. D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson. Section Natural History. John Bostock. Also Book 8, Chapter 30 , and Book 11, Chapter Chapter Chapter 7.

Christian Topography. Retrieved on Piero della Francesca , pp.

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