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The most important terms in vibration engineering are frequency f, amplitude A and damping factor D.

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Frequency f is a measure of the number of complete vibration cycles per second. Structure-borne noise are vibrations that are conveyed in a solid body. Low frequencies are generally what we call mechanical vibrations.

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The amplitude is the vibration wave range around its equilibrium. It determines the severity of vibration and is usually expressed in terms of acceleration or displacement.

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Damping D designates the measure of amplitude reduction of the vibration of a freely oscillating spring-mass system through friction. Damping refers to the conversion of energy to heat.

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Each body has its own natural frequency, which however can only be calculated in the simplest of cases. Usually it can be easily measured using impact or impulse triggering. If this natural frequency is close to a vibration forcing frequency f E , resonance is the result. Free Shipping. Mechanical Vibrations: Modeling and Measurement describes essential concepts in vibration analysis of mechanical systems.

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It incorporates the required mathematics, experimental techniques, fundamentals of model analysis, and It incorporates the required mathematics, experimental techniques, fundamentals of model analysis, and beam theory into a unified framework that is written to be accessible to undergraduate students, researchers, and practicing engineers. To unify the various concepts, a single experimental platform is used throughout the text.

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Engineering drawings for the platform are included in an appendix. Discusses model development using frequency response function measurements Presents a clear connection between continuous beam models and discrete finite degree of freedom models Includes MATLAB code for numerical examples that is integrated in the text narrative Covers a single physical model that is used to demonstrate concepts throughout the text Uses mathematics to support the vibrations theory, and discusses and emphasizes the practical significance of the results.

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