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Sequoyah began experimenting with a way to write out the Cherokee language in the s, and finalized the syllabary that would be the end product of this experimentation and development in the early s. At first, he wanted to come up with one symbol for every word in Cherokee, but realized that would be far too difficult to learn and memorize.

Next, he tried the same thing, but with ideas instead of words, but ran into the same problem. Finally, he realized the best way to create a writing system for Cherokee would be to create a syllabary, where each syllable used in the Cherokee language had its own symbol. He was able to convince other Cherokee to use it eventually, resulting in the development of the first newspaper for Native Americans written in an indigenous language.

Translating Cherokee can be a bit tricky. First of all, there are two dialects of Cherokee still used today, with slightly different writing systems.

Beloved children's book translated into Cherokee

For instance, the Cherokee syllabary originally had 86 syllables, but nowadays the number of syllables is much larger. The Otali dialect spoken in Oklahoma uses different syllables to write in Cherokee, for instance. The Otali dialect is also the one that has changed the most in terms of adopting words from other languages.

Something else that needs to be considered when translating Cherokee is the fact that the grammar can be quite complex.

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Around three quarters of Cherokee words are verbs, and all of the words are polysynthetic, meaning that any number of word parts can be added to a word to make an entire sentence sometimes, which will still be just one word. The spider holds a special place in Cherokee lore as the creature who brought back fire when other animals had failed.

Cherokee Nation Cherokee Language

Johnson has been championing Cherokee culture all her life. She created the first coloring book in Cherokee back in the s, and started teaching youngsters the language in a Head Start class. Johnson served as an interpreter for native speakers in federal court cases, arguing that the religious significance of those sites had been overlooked.

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  • Tribes speak some native languages in North America, but researchers estimate that only 16 percent or 34 languages are naturally acquired as a first language by children. In a survey, the Eastern Band found only people of the 13, enrolled members had grown up with Cherokee as their first language.

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    • The average age of speakers is over 50 years old. New Kituwah is continually working to add to its stock of Cherokee books and texts for its 89 students in K-6th grades and early childhood development program for children ages McLaughin said the Eastern Band has been active for the past 12 years in immersion-learning - where English is the secondary language and teachers and students all talk and learn in Cherokee.

      History of the Cherokee language

      Inside the school, signs in syllabary remind visitors that English, like cellphones, should be used sparingly. In more advanced grades in math and science, students will use more English. Translators like Johnson and others are devising computer and scientific terms in the descriptive Cherokee language. For her efforts in championing the culture, the Tribal Council named Johnson a Beloved Woman in , an honor given to esteemed elders.

      Let's Talk Cherokee, Season 4 Episode 1

      The title came as a surprise to her. She remains active in the community, offering language lessons to adults.