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Jesus Never Lets Go

Eternal security is also known as "preservation of the saints", but should not be confused with the Calvinist doctrine of perseverance of the saints. In Calvinism , eternal security is a logical consequence of the doctrine of perseverance of the saints , according to which true Christians will persevere in good works and faith.

Because faith is God's perfect gift it will inevitably produce perseverance in faith and good works.

What is eternal security of the believer?

Thus condemnation to hell because of sin, unbelief, or apostasy is not possible for true Christians. In Catholicism , Christians do not have eternal security because they can commit a mortal sin.

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Free grace theology says that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ will go to heaven regardless of any future actions — including future sin, unbelief, or apostasy — though Christians who sin or abandon the faith will face God's discipline. The Arminian view opposes any concept of eternal security, holding that a true Christian can fall from grace and be condemned to hell.

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Discuss January Eternal Security. Note that such an erroneous theological position fails to adequately understand 1 the nature and effects of all sin; 2 the nature and effects of salvation; 3 the nature and effects of Christianity; and 4 the nature and effects of the context of the Word of God.

God's Perfect Work: A Study of the Doctrine of the Eternal Security of the Believer

Let us examine, first of all the nature and effects of all sin. What sins actually cause the Christian to lose their salvation, or how many times must they be committed?

This question has never been adequately answered. The tendency is to focus on the severity of certain sins, while overlooking or underestimating others. The various types of sin recorded in the Scriptures may be categorized as:.

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The Scripture makes it clear that all and any sin is mortal even if it means eating the wrong fruit; see Genesis 3 because all and any sin is alien to the nature of God Who is the Source and Sustainer of all life. However, since the finished substitutionary sacrifice of Christ is sufficient, and has been applied to the Christian, there is nothing for the believer to lose their salvation over, since all their sin has already been paid for in Christ Hebrews The sin of the believer was legally credited to the account of Christ at Calvary, while the righteousness of Christ was legally credited to the account of the believer at conversion Romans Now let us seek to properly understand the nature and effects of salvation.

Secondly the individual did not have anything at all to do with their physical birth; likewise, the individual did not have anything at all to do with their spiritual birth salvation is not something that I do, but rather something that God does for me; see John Thirdly, the individual did not physically mature after their physical birth over night it takes years for a child to mature physically ; likewise, the individual Christian does not spiritually mature after their spiritual birth over night it takes a child of God an entire lifetime of experience on this earth to mature, and does not fully do so until reaching their Heavenly destination; see I Peter ; Phil.

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Finally, the individual, as a physical child, frequently disobeyed their human parents either willingly knowingly or ignorantly unknowingly. Likewise, the individual Christian, as a spiritual child, frequently disobeys their Heavenly Father either willingly knowingly or ignorantly unknowingly.

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Cannot the Heavenly Father disown one who belongs to Him? Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb?