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Latest Buzz. Iconic 'Friends' set also features in 'Hocus Pocus'. See more Buzz. Latest News. Motorcyclist dies in County Wicklow crash. Climate activists to hold 'week of disruption' in Dublin. See more News. Latest Sport. Thackery leaps on Winifred and knocks the potion out of her hand into Max's, but is then thrown to the ground and injured at the spot where his sister Emily's grave is. Rather than smashing the vial, Max drinks it in order to force the witches to take him instead of Dani.

The sun rises just as Winifred is about to finish draining Max's life force, and due to standing on hallowed ground in the cemetery, she turns into a stone statue, before she is disintegrated into dust along with her sisters.

Iconic 'Friends' set also features in 'Hocus Pocus'

With the witches gone, a satisfied Billy returns to his grave and Thackery finally dies, freeing his soul. He thanks Max, Dani and Allison for their help, and bids farewell to them, before he and Emily walk into the afterlife. As the end credits begin, the exhausted partygoers are freed from the spell and return home. Meanwhile, at the Sandersons' cottage, Jay and Ernie, two male bullies who earlier tormented Max and Dani, remain imprisoned in their cages while passing the time singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

The film ends with Winnie's spellbook opening its eye, revealing it is still alive and the witches could possibly return again. In the TV documentary Hocus Pocus: Begin the Magic , and on the film's Blu-ray release, producer David Kirschner said he came up with the idea for the film one night. He and his young daughter were sitting outside and his neighbor's black cat strayed by.

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Kirschner invented a tale of how the cat was once a boy who was changed into a feline three hundred years ago by three witches. The film's working title was Disney's Halloween House , it was much darker and scarier, and its protagonists were all year-olds. Garris and Kirschner pitched it to Steven Spielberg 's Amblin Entertainment ; Spielberg saw Disney as a competitor to Amblin in the family film market at the time and refused to co-produce a film with his "rival.

Various rewrites were made to the script to make the film more comedic and made two of its young protagonists into teenagers; however, production was stalled several times until , when Bette Midler expressed interest in the script and the project immediately went forward.

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The film is set in Salem, Massachusetts , but most of it was shot on sound stages in Burbank, California. However, its daytime scenes were filmed in Salem and Marblehead, Massachusetts during two weeks of filming with principal cast.

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Production was completed on February 10, Pioneer Village , a recreation of early-colonial Salem, was used for the opening scenes set in The film has continuously brought record viewing numbers to the lineup, including a broadcast watched by 2. The new release contains special features, including deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes retrospective.

The musical score for Hocus Pocus was composed and conducted by John Debney.

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James Horner was originally slated to score the film, but became unavailable at the last minute, so Debney had to score the entire film in two weeks. Even though he didn't score the film, Horner came back to write the theme for Sarah sung by Sarah Jessica Parker, more commonly known as "Come Little Children" which is featured in Intrada's Complete Edition of the score.

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Debney released a promotional score through the internet containing 19 tracks from the film. Bootlegs were subsequently released across the internet, primarily because the promotional release missed the entire opening sequence music. The film received mixed to negative reviews from film critics at the time of its release. Reception has since grown to be more positive toward the film, and it has become a cult film. The website's critical consensus reads, "Harmlessly hokey yet never much more than mediocre, Hocus Pocus is a muddled family-friendly effort that fails to live up to the talents of its impressive cast.

Gene Siskel , reviewing for The Chicago Tribune , remarked that the film was a "dreadful witches' comedy with the only tolerable moment coming when Bette Midler presents a single song. There are a lot of gotta-sees this summer, and this isn't one of them. Unless they're Bette Midler fans.

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In which case it's depressing as hell"; and stating that while Najimy and Parker "have their moments of ramshackle comic inspiration, and the passable special effects should keep younger campers transfixed [ Over the years, through various outlets such as strong DVD sales and annual record-breaking showings on Freeform 's 13 Nights of Halloween , the film has achieved cult status.

It aired on Freeform October 20, Nine of the cast and crew gathered for the screening, and hundreds of D23 members attended. Her Harlettes appeared with her dressed as Mary and Sarah, and the three of them performed the film's version of "I Put a Spell on You".

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The show introduces new actresses as the Sanderson Sisters, who try to make a villain party and summon or attract various Disney villains in the process. The book includes a foreword by Thora Birch and afterword by Mick Garris.

watch Billed as a "lighthearted but scholarly look at the film," the book analyzes the movie's major themes, which it identifies as festivity, nostalgia, home, horror, virginity, feminism, Broadway-style musical moments, sibling rivalry, "Spielbergian" filmmaking style, Disney villain traditions, and more. Wallace also analyzes Walt Disney World 's Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular as part of the movie's legacy and includes "the largest collection of Hocus Pocus fun facts and trivia ever assembled," complete with extensive endnote citations.

The town of Salem has celebrated its connection to Hocus Pocus , while local filming sites have become an attraction for fans as the movie's legacy has grown over the years. In , the Haunted Happenings Grand Parade, an annual Salem festival held every October, was Hocus-Pocus themed in honor of the movie's 25th anniversary. In July , it was announced that Disney was developing a supernatural-themed film about witches, and that Tina Fey was on board as a producer and star. However, Deadline debunked rumors that the film was a sequel to Hocus Pocus.

She also said her co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy were interested in reprising the roles of the Sanderson sisters as well, but stressed that Disney had yet to greenlight any sequel. In June , actor Doug Jones mentioned that Disney had been considering a sequel, and behind the scenes discussions were in place to possibly continue the series.

All good! Halloween take us back to being a child, when life was scary and hard to understand, but a bit of imagination and magic made the monsters under the bed into friends and foes we could defeat. Hocus Pocus is the kiddie version of a horror film, like many Halloween classics. Just like a plastic skeleton, a fun prop that alludes to the dark reality of death, Hocus Pocus is about taking something scary and powerful and making it silly and fun.

Hocus Pocus is one of may films that take witches — the symbol of female power, of the unknowable and societally unacceptable — and makes them the stars, while keeping them the villains.

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They sing! The prat fall!