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Marine Corps at Losing his apartment near the World Trade Center on September 11, , he was recalled to active duty and joined a counter-terrorism task force in Afghanistan, receiving a Bronze Star for actions against al-Qaeda. The first to expose the link between antiquities trafficking and terrorist financing, he has presented those findings in 22 countries, in venues including the United Nations, Interpol, British Parliament, the Peace Palace in The Hague, and the U. He also still continues the hunt for stolen antiquities; in the last five years, having recovered and repatriated thousands of priceless antiquities stolen from Greece, Italy, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Thailand—recently leading an investigation that resulted in the largest seizure of stolen antiquities in U.

Helping The Needy of America

CEO of a Canadian appliance company Danby, for personally investing millions of dollars to bring 58 Syrian refugee families to Canada. He found them homes, gave them jobs and even bought one man a dollar store. Estill started a computer distribution business from the trunk of his car while in university.

Estill has invested in, mentored and advised many technology companies including Blackberry. He joined their board before they went public and served for 13 years.

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In , Mr. Estill grew distressed by the humanitarian crisis in Syria and he decided to sponsor the immigration of 50 Syrian families to Guelph, Ontario. To achieve his ambitious goal, Mr. Estill decided to use the organizational skills he had developed over his long business career. For assistance, Mr.

H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere)

Arrangements were put in place to provide apartments, clothing, and English language instruction. Using his business network connections, Mr. Estill also helped arrange employment and career counselling. More than local volunteers were registered and donated their time to the project. Today, the total number of families that Mr.

Stolen Child

Estill is helping has grown to 58—more than people. In addition to his own project, Mr. In recognition of his philanthropic efforts, Mr. Estill received the Order of Ontario in June President of the Makhzoumi Foundation, for her work as a pioneer in providing vocational training, microcredit, health care and development programs to tens of thousands of young Lebanese in vulnerable situations and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

H.O.P.E. Ministry of Pointe Coupee – Helping Other People Everyday

May Makhzoumi is president of the Makhzoumi Foundation as well as a board director of several Future Group companies. Also sits on IC committee — Partnership for Excellence amongst others. The Micro Credit Program has extended thousands of loans to Lebanese borrowers and the Development Program is directed at women, children and youth, and has benefited thousands of Lebanese citizens. The Foundation has received honorary trophies, and acknowledged internationally. Makhzoumi has received many honorary trophies from different organizations and institutes, in appreciation for the many philanthropic deeds and developmental projects undertaken by the Foundation, being honored by the Canadian Lebanese Community in Canada and the Killarney School and Glengarry School in Canada and by the Buck Advisory Council in California whereby she received the Global Humanitarian Award In she was acknowledged with a tribute to heroes in the global campaign against violent extremism, and an award for outstanding humanitarian efforts in the Lebanon by UNESCO.

In honoring of his 5th memorial a seminar room was pledged at the London Business School. Makhzoumi has participated in many conferences in the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East, she has been a speaker and sat on different panels. Congolese gynecologist, for founding the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu where he specializes in the treatment of women who have been gang-raped by rebel forces.

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Mukwege has been working for over 18 years with survivors of sexual violence and women with severe gynecological problems at the Panzi Hospital which he founded in The hospital and Panzi Foundation have been recognized for their pioneering work in specialized responses to sexual gender based violence, and their work in advocating for the rights and empowerment of Congolese women. In , the European Parliament unanimously gave him their highest recognition: the Sakharov Prize.

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He also received the Seoul Peace Prize of Different universities in Europe and America have given him honorary doctorate degrees such as the faculty of medicine in Umea, Sweden , the University of Winnipeg with a doctorate of Laws , and Harvard University with a doctorate of science Vision: We strive to create a community that responds in a caring and supportive way to individual and family needs so that all members of our community can grow and thrive.

Values: We channel our services to those truly in need.

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We locate and target those people by establishing both a strong presence in our community and in an effective network with our service providers. We are able to respond so quickly and effectively in delivering our services because we are autonomous. The donations we receive do not dictate how we are able to function.

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Every Day In Lyndonville. Every day in this economy, more and more of our neighbors are struggling, and we must not look the other way. Below are some items that we are always in need of. Fresh produce and eggs. Items needed for the Homeless and elderly:. This is the text area for this paragraph. To change it, simply click here and start editing.

You can also customize the color, font and size of the text by highlighting it and choosing from the various options. Box Lyndon Center, VT