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Tables had not been cleared, and the servers had an attitude, but we found a clean table and ordered food and drinks. Jools had biscuits and gravy, as she had seen someone have it the other day and thought it looked OK.

FunkZilla -- Lonely Boy @ Nowhere Cafe, Gurgaon

But was a disappointment, too much gravy was the verdict. I had eggs with peppers, onions, hash browns, bacon and biscuits.

Cafe Nowhere

Biscuits are a disappointment to me too. And was served with the worst up of coffee since milky coffee was stopped being served back home.

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Brown hot water, not improved by cream and sugar. We walk round the town, at least the frontage looking towards Yellowstone, but there was nothing we needed to buy, so set off for Bozeman, Montana. The road crossed the Yellowstone River, then followed it along what was called Paradise Valley. Once through the gorge, the valley flattened out, and scrub gave way to farmland, mostly yellowing grass, but some had been watered and looked deep green.

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  • The road ran straight for miles on end, with the speed limit of 80mph. We cruised at 50 or 60, enjoying the coolness of the morning as we had the roof down. We only had a journey of 90 minutes, so we stopped off at the only big town on route, Townsend, Montana, and turned out to be a great decision.

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    We walk into the town after parking, and found a great collection of buildings, and lots of art shops. Many buildings had old fashioned neon signs still, so I go round snapping them, and some of the shop fronts dating from the 19th century. We visit a great bookshop, and talk long with the owner, then go next door to a coffee shop to make up for the poor one we had earlier. Huckleberry latte with an extra shot, turns out is a king of coffees and worked very well.

    We walk back to the railroad tracks and the sound of locomotive whistles were calling, and a freight train that went out of sight down the line was waiting for the road to clear, I sanp the front, the wait for the train to come in from the other direction, and then the one nearest moved off, three locos at the front, three in the middle and two at the end, and the train took 5 minutes to rattle by.

    Over the road there was a bar, in an old hotel building, whose neon sign had lured me in in the first place. I order a beer then change my mind, so the guy brings me two bears. There are also plenty of great niche shops downtown! Or, if you visit and find you fall in love with the town the way thousands have before you, why not relocate and stay forever? We have events happening all year.

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    No matter what time of the year you are in town, you can experience something new. Previous slide Next slide. I was wondering Are there springs in Hot Springs? What's this about Mammoths?

    Salt Lake to Mammoth via Terminal Cancer

    I'm visiting the Black Hills. Where is Hot Springs?

    • Mammoth Lakes, CA;
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