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If Mike Hussey ever asked for it, I'd happily give it to him. While the alternative website does not appear to be an issue for Hussey, jasonakermanis. AFL players' association chief executive Matt Finnis said domain registration agencies and internet service providers needed to do more to ensure player names were not "pirated. At the end of the day there is insufficient protection to prevent others from almost adopting their identities," Finnis said.

I don't think organisations take responsibility enough. The Australian Cricketers' Association also faces an increasing battle with online identity theft, having had some infringing pages removed from the web last year — many of them fake Facebook pages for bowler Brett Lee. A search of some familiar names shows Akermanis isn't the only AFL star who has been stung by so-called cyber-squatting. The domain garyablett. Hope he gets a pair!!!

Mr Cricket takes a chill pill

Would still like to see you live updating again though in tandem with Mr. Bet he's livid that you got to go down under for the entire tour while he sits and types in Blighty!! Really good article, as people have said before this, what a feelign to see your two boys walk out for theair national side.

Who are the greatest sporting siblings? They both have to contribute, so Schumachers I think can be ruled out. Molinaris could yet be! For me it'd be the Williams sisters probably at the moment.

Although I've probably forgotten some massive names! Good few cricketing examples especially Aussie, Chappells, Waugh for example. Williams sisters would take some beating as greatest siblings in sport though especially considering their longevity. It's the umpire's job to give batsmen out. Not the batsmen's. Not walking does not in the least detract from a cricketer's character or qualities.

Cricket Unfiltered podcast: Mike Hussey Mr Cricket story, sport’s best nicknames | Daily Telegraph

Great blog as always, Papa Shango strikes again. Can't wait for a blog on Tendulkar, Sir Don Bradman, Lara and co so you convince us all why they are all the most over rated players in the history of cricket. Keep it up Tom. Great blog Tom; very interesting to hear about how the Hussey brothers got into the game.

I've always liked M. Hussey but after 3 good knocks he is due a failure and I hope he gets at least one in Perth! A bit of a far out suggestion but if Hughes fails again as a Test opener which is not out of the question , would you move Mr Cricket up to open and bring in a middle order batsmen, such as Dave Hussey aka B. Whilst B. Brilliant article Mr Fordyce. Not only did you allow for the pride of Mr Hussey to shine through, but also talked about previous history of siblings, as well as talked about the true brilliance of both Husseys.

I genuinely believe this to be one of the best bits of journalism I've ever read. While you add humour with so many of your articles and updates, it's always nice to see a story that is worth reading, rather than a boring football story. Coming from a passionate football fan, it shows how great cricket writers are.

Keep up the good work!

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As for sporting siblings, this ranks just outside the top 3: Charltons, Waughs and Williams'. I would have to say Waughs is the best combination, because although the other two have been at the top of their game, the Waughs were instrumental in one of the greatest test teams of all time. On a totally unrelated note, Tom I completely forgot about it. Any idea where I can download the Langer and Hayden Reunited podcast?


Really want it and it's come off the BBC website. And roll on 2. Made for great reading.

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The 'online community' is no small part of Cricket's attraction, especially when you're removed from the action. Bring it on. I could never understand why Mike Hussey wasn't called up to the test squad at an earlier age. Granted, it was already an exceptional squad, but I remember as far back as that this was the Australian batsman that filled me with most fear as an Englishmen. At the time, I was both grateful and mystified that he was being overlooked but that was soon blended with sympathy for a man who clearly deserved a chance to play at the top level.

Now there is no-one in their team that I would rather see do well. Fine work, Tom, thank you. Interesting story! What a whacker, Mike wouldn't carry Dave in his car, so Dave had to call on his Dad for a lift to the ground. The two bat together and win the game for Wanneroo on the steam of their mutual rivalry! Small episodes make legends, hey! Good narrative Tom. A blog that warms you down to your very bones.

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Lovely stuff Mr Fordyce. Great effort to get hold of an interviewee who has a relevant, interesting and enjoyable story to tell rather than the majority of modern cricketers though not all, I hasten to add. Agree with many's stated desire for Huss to get a pair.

Mr Cricket's Best Big Bash Fantasy XI

Nice bloke and all that, but still I'm fairly relaxed about this, esp with the review system, however I do feel that when a batsmen has publicly supported his captain in suggesting that batsmen should trust fielders when they claim a catch hasn't been grounded, then he might want to demonstrate his integrity in all aspects of the game.

Its blatantly obvious that you're doing it deliberately, but frankly, you are the lowlight of this series. If I never see your name on another BBC blog again, it'll be too soon. I'm sure you are having a great laugh at getting people talking about you, but frankly I'd rather people were talking about the cricket, not you.

Do us all a favour and clear off. On a more positive note, its fascinating how many Australian cricketers started their development in their backyards against a wall or whatever and honed their technique. It's a bit like how footballers in this country of yesteryear would grow up playing football in the street where they lived. Can you imagine how badly Australia would be doing sans Hussey. They wouldn't be making , let alone odd. Once again Hussey rides to Australia's rescue.

If it weren't for Hussey and Haddin this series would have been decided by now. And once again Swann makes the vital breakthrough in nailing Hussey. Delighted to see that Anderson is still in the rich vein of form he's displayed so far this series, and that the jet lag really hasn't been a problem.

And a splendid return to Test cricket for Chris Tremlett. I can only imagine what the Aussie batsmen are thinking seeing that giant of a man thundering up to bowl to them on a nice spicy pitch. This entry is now closed for comments. For the latest updates across BBC blogs, visit the Blogs homepage. Search term:. Read more. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.

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