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Innocence Lost

Customer Reviews. She battles her demons in order to put it all out there in the open for everyone to see.


She is so much stronger and happier than she has been in ages. I read the first page and couldn't put the book down until I had finished it! From this meaning comes the usage of innocent as a noun to refer to a child under the age of reason , or a person, of any age, who is severely mentally disabled. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau describes 'childhood as a time of innocence' where children are 'not-knowing' and must reach the age of reason to become competent people in society.

However, this is not the case anymore as technology advances, this has given children in the contemporary world a platform where they are referred to as 'digital natives', where they are seen more knowledgeable than adults [1] Furthermore, because of digital media and internet, young people have become well-informed of the world around and have a better understanding. In some cases, the term "innocence" has a pejorative meaning, where an assumed level of experience dictates common discourse or baseline qualifications for entry into another, different, social experience.

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The lamb is a commonly used symbol of innocence's nature. In Christianity , for example, Jesus is referred to as the "Lamb of God", thus emphasizing his sinless nature.

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A "loss of innocence" is a common theme in fiction , pop culture , and realism. It is often seen as an integral part of coming of age. By contrast, the I Ching urges a recovery of innocence - the name given to Hexagram 25 - and "encourages you to actively practice innocence ".

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Innocence could also be viewed as a Westernized view of childhood, and the "loss" of innocence is simply a social construction or viewed as the dominant ideology. Thinkers such as Jean-Jaques Rousseau used the romanticism discourse as a way to separate children from adults.

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Ideas surrounding childhood and childhood innocence stems from this discourse. More eclectically, Eric Berne saw the Child ego state, and its vocabulary, as reflecting three different possibilities: the cliches of conformity; the obscenities of revolt; and "the sweet phrases of charming innocence". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Innocence disambiguation.

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For other uses, see Innocent disambiguation. New Haven: Yale University Press, By Chalmers I. Paton author.