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He described the racially elitist Pan-Germanism movement of ethnic German Austrians as a reaction to Austria not being included in the German Empire of Bismarck.

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The Ariosophist "ideas and symbols filtered through to several anti-semitic and Nationalist groups in late Wilhelmian Germany, from which the early Nazi Party emerged in Munich after the First World War. There is a persistent idea, widely canvassed in a sensational genre of literature, that the Nazis were principally inspired and directed by occult agencies from to In it, he gives a highly critical view of much of the popular literature on the topic.

In his words, these books describe Hitler and the Nazis as being controlled by a "hidden power. A complete ignorance of the primary sources was common to most authors and inaccuracies and wild claims were repeated by each newcomer to the genre until an abundant literature existed, based on wholly spurious 'facts' concerning the powerful Thule Society, the Nazi links with the East, and Hitler's occult initiation.

In a new preface for the edition of The Occult Roots Goodrick-Clarke comments that in , when his book first appeared, "Nazi 'black magic' was regarded as a topic for sensational authors in pursuit of strong sales. In his work Black Sun , which was originally intended to trace the survival of occult Nazi themes in the postwar period, [7] Goodrick-Clarke considered it necessary to readdress the topic.

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He devotes one chapter of the book to "the Nazi mysteries", [8] as he terms the field of Nazi occultism there. Other reliable summaries of the development of the genre have been written by German historians. The German edition of The Occult Roots According to Goodricke-Clarke the speculation of Nazi occultism originated from "post-war fascination with Nazism".

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By the early s, "one could now clearly detect a mystique of Nazism. The Occult Roots of Nazism is commended for specifically addressing the fanciful modern depictions of Nazi occultism, as well as carefully reflecting critical scholarly work that finds associations between Ariosophy with Nazi agency. As scholar Anna Bramwell writes, "One should not be deceived by the title into thinking that it belongs to the 'modern mythology of Nazi occultism', a world of salacious fantasy convincingly dismembered by the author in an Appendix," [11] referring the various written, depicted, and produced material that delves into Nazi occultism without providing any reliable or relevant evidence.

Instead, it is through Goodrick-Clarke's work that several scholarly criticisms addressing occult relevance in conjunction with Ariosophist practices arise.

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Historians like Martyn Housden and Jeremy Noakes commend Goodrick-Clarke for addressing the relationship between Ariosophic ideologies rooted in certain Germanic cultures and the actual agency of Nazi hierarchy; the problem, as Housden remarks, lies in the efficacy of these Ariosophic practices. As he remarks, "The true value of this study, therefore, lies in its painstaking elucidation of an intrinsically fascinating subculture which helped colour rather than cause aspects of Nazism.

In this context, it also leaves us pondering a central issue: why on earth were Austrian and German occultists, just like the Nazi leadership, quite so susceptible to, indeed obsessed by, specifically aggressive racist beliefs anyway? The linkages Goodrick-Clarke makes concerning Ariosophy and German society are further detailed in Peter Merkl 's Political Violence under the Swastika , in which "pre Nazis," various NSDAP members, volunteered to write their memoirs and recollections about the rise of the Nazi Party in order to provide a coherent, statistical analysis of the motivations and ideals these early members hoped to pursue in German politics.

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To further prove the point, Merkl discovered that of those willing to submit their testimonies, "Protestants tended to be German Romantics, Catholics to be anti-Semites, superpatriots, and solidarists. Areas of religious homogeneity were particularly high in anti-Semitism or in the Nordic-German cult," [15] of which members of both religious groups were prone to Judenkoller , an alleged sudden and violent sickness that would manifest either in blatant hatred or hysteria at being within proximity of Jews.

Some of this modern mythology even touches Goodrick-Clarke's topic directly. The rumor that Adolf Hitler had encountered the Austrian monk and anti-semitic publicist, Lanz von Liebenfels , already at the age of 8, at Heilgenkreuz abbey, goes back to Les mystiques du soleil by Michel-Jean Angbert. Nevertheless, Michel-Jean Angbert and the other authors discussed by Goodrick-Clarke present their accounts as real, so that this modern mythology has led to several legends that resemble conspiracy theories , concerning, for example, the Vril Society or rumours about Karl Haushofer 's connection to the occult.

According to Spence, Alfred Rosenberg and his book The Myth of the Twentieth Century were responsible for promoting pagan, occult and anti-Christian ideas that motivated the Nazi party. For a demonic influence on Hitler, Hermann Rauschning 's Hitler Speaks is brought forward as a source. Similarly to Rauschning, August Kubizek , one of Hitler's closest friends since childhood, claims that Hitler—17 years old at the time—once spoke to him of "returning Germany to its former glory"; of this comment August said, "It was as if another being spoke out of his body, and moved him as much as it did me.

Schertel, whose interests were flagellation , dance, occultism, nudism and BDSM , had also been active as an activist for sexual liberation before He had been imprisoned in Nazi Germany for seven months and his doctoral degree was revoked. He is supposed to have sent a dedicated copy of his book Magic: History, Theory and Practice to Hitler some time in the mids. Hitler is said to have marked extensive passages, including one which reads "He who does not have the demonic seed within himself will never give birth to a magical world". Theosophist Alice A. He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune.

We have given him the 'means of communication' with Them.

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  • Do not mourn for me; I shall have influenced history more than any other German. Conspiracy theorists "frequently identify German National Socialism inter alia as a precursor of the New World Order". But the claim that Hitler and the Thule Society conspired to create a New World Order a conspiracy theory, put forward on some webpages [28] is completely unfounded. Despite several allegations and speculations to the contrary, there is no evidence of such an encounter.

    When Hitler and the Occult describes how Hitler "seemed endowed with even greater authority and charisma" after he had resumed public speaking in March , the documentary states that "this may have been due to the influence" of the clairvoyant performer and publicist, Erik Jan Hanussen. It is said that "Hanussen helped Hitler perfect a series of exaggerated poses," useful for speaking before a huge audience. The documentary then interviews Dusty Sklar about the contact between Hitler and Hanussen, and the narrator makes the statement about "occult techniques of mind control and crowd domination".

    Whether Hitler had met Hanussen at all is not certain. That he even encountered him before March is not confirmed by other sources about Hanussen. In the late s to early s Hanussen made political predictions in his own newspaper, Hanussens Bunte Wochenschau , that gradually started to favour Hitler, but until late these predictions varied. Sir Winston Churchill wrote in his memoir "The Gathering Storm" about Hitler and Moloch : "[Hitler] had conjured up the fearful idol of an all-devouring Moloch of which he was the priest and incarnation".

    In it, Nagl writes that the racial narratives described in contemporary German Science Fiction stories, like The Last Queen of Atlantis, by Edmund Kiss, provide further notions of racial superiority under the auspices of Ariosophy, Aryanism, and alleged historic racial Mysticism, suggesting that writings associated with possible Occultism, Ariosophy, or Aryanism were products intended to influence and justify in a socio-political manner, rather than simply establish cultural heritage.

    The stories themselves dealt with " In the essay that is included in the German edition of The Occult Roots Hakl, an Austrian publisher of esoteric works, [35] traces the origins of the speculation about National Socialism and Occultism back to several works from the early s. His research was also published in a short book, Unknown sources: National Socialism and the Occult , translated by Goodrick-Clarke.

    Already in a pseudonymous Kurt van Emsen described Hitler as a "demonic personality", but his work was soon forgotten. There it is said in the chapter "Black and White Magic" , that "Hitler surrendered himself to forces that carried him away. He turned himself over to a spell, which can, with good reason and not simply in a figurative analogy, be described as demonic magic. Goodrick-Clarke examines several pseudo-historic "books written about Nazi occultism between and ", that "were typically sensational and under-researched".

    These books are only mentioned in the Appendix. Otherwise the whole book by Goodrick-Clarke does without any reference to this kind of literature; it uses other sources. This literature is not reliable; however, books published after the emergence of The Occult Roots of Nazism continue to repeat claims that have been proven false:. More than 60 years after the end of the Third Reich , National Socialism and Adolf Hitler have become a recurring subject in history documentaries.

    Among these documentaries, there are several that focus especially on the potential relations between Nazism and Occultism, such as the History Channel 's documentary Hitler and the Occult.

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    A much more plausible reason for Hitler's suicide that does not involve the paranormal is that the Russians had already closed to within several hundred meters of Hitler's bunker and he did not want to be captured alive. Included within The Testament of Belial set, you will find your step-by-step guidebook, a framable parchment scroll, detailing the specifics of Bune, his stations and his capabilities, and an Altar Stand with Bune's Sigil. Also included is a 50mm Approx. Within the pages of this remarkable book, you will find precise, step-by-step instruction on a number of methods and techniques for summoning and working with the Demon Bune.

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