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And it's true that, unlike on Facebook and Instagram — where people announce engagements but never divorces, and where people always seem to be putting on a show for their friends — Whisper appears more in line with reality.

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It's also an affirming place, a place where outcasts can feel less marginalized, where people with obscure interests and experiences can find out that they're not alone. Put simply, it's a place to unload baggage without consequences.

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Unlike on Facebook or Twitter, nobody will fire, judge, or humiliate me because of what I post there. And while I might not keep using Whisper routinely, it doesn't hurt to think about what benefits a little more anonymity might bring.

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Still, that specific Guardian claim about information-sharing with the U. But that's not true of other claims and counter-claims which contradict each other so badly that it's simply not possible for both to be true. For example, the Guardian said that.

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Among the many users currently being targeted are military personnel and individuals claiming to work at Yahoo, Disney and on Capitol Hill. As of press time, Whisper, Zimmerman and the Guardian are still posting claims and counter-claims about each other. We'll keep you updated on any new developments. Join over , subscribers and receive the latest expert advice, consumer news, and recall notices in your inbox.

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Guardian claims "anonymous" app Whisper secretly tracks users, shares info with U. Whisper's home page An online war broke out yesterday between the U. The Daily Intelligencer spoke to CEO and co-founder Michael Heyward, who was 26 years old at the time, and paraphrased his arguments as as: [O]ne benefit of Whisper's anonymity is that it allows for more honest communication — that, by removing the fear of repercussions and embarrassment, Whisper users can close the gap between the selves they create online and who they really are.

The app is especially popular with young people as a place to gripe about relationship troubles and eating disorders. Arguably not that big a deal in San Francisco. Cleverly, Whisper encourages you to create, not just consume.

In the middle of the screen sits a round button with a plus sign, enticing users to dig deep and make a Whisper of their own. Zimmerman starts at Whisper this Monday as its Editor-in-Chief, and will be helping to package Whispers for a broader audience.

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Heyward reached out to Zimmerman in December after seeing this profile of him in The Wall Street Journal , which suggested Zimmerman could be the most popular blogger on the Web today. Whisper would corroborate their reports by eliminating false information getting propagated through the service, he said. Whisper reportedly has a team of 55 moderators based in the Philippines.

  • Guardian claims "anonymous" app Whisper secretly tracks users, shares info with U.S. government.
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A wider audience by definition also means greater interest in the most popular Whispers, and potentially a greater desire to unmask the people behind them. A surprising number of posts, for example, are of people in their 20s and 30s confessing that they still play Pokemon.

The Secret Bond Shared by Animals and Children, in Photos

Yet achieving that requires constant monitoring and, technically, compromising Whisper users' complete anonymity. Whisper classes its users into a hierarchy of trusted, untrusted and banned. Replies to the same Whispers created on the same IP address tells moderators that a user may be in the same school as another, and they might intervene in an act of bullying. Whisper can ban users because it assigns each one with a random character identifier, generated each time the app is installed.