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Softland India Limited

My company have 18 years experience in electronics field, we introducing news projects to customer as there wish. Introducing new projects to the customer.

Installing new projects to customer. Giving support to the customer.

Working at Softland India Ltd: Employee Reviews |

Testing and analyzing bugs. Analyzing technical solutions.

Procesos de Transferencia

Job profile. Testing and maintenance of offline payment equipments developed by company.


Learning opportunities were available. Got opportunity to travel and work in different locations, which helped in further career.

Improved professional relationships. Handheld Billing Machines. Review this company.

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When Hulk pulverized Greylight, he and Star-Lord were confronted by Mac, the local bartender who was secretly Mephisto in disguise. Mac revealed the true nature of the Softlands, and vowed revenge on Star-Lord before vanishing, commenting that Peter's influence on the countless of people he had inspired kept them from his reach.


Once Chake had fixed his ship, Star-Lord bid farewell to his newfound allies and left. As soon as he exited the atmosphere of the planet where the Softlands appeared to exist, Peter woke up in the bed of the Guardians of the Galaxy 's ship, where he had actually been recovering ever since he was retrieved from the crash-land site by the Guardians. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Privacy Policy. See more. Intesis Software S. Control your air conditioning system from everywhere, anytime. More by Softland. Softland 3.