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Air Missile Defence Technology : Defence & Security : Europe

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While the US has recently focused its efforts on containing regional threats like North Korea and Russia, both China and Russia have been developing new weapons which some see as a threat to US military superiority. Russia has reportedly tested a hypersonic missile , while in the head of the Defence Intelligence Agency told Congress China was trying to counter missile defences by developing "increasingly sophisticated ballistic missile warheads and hypersonic glide vehicles".

Designed to counter incoming strategic ballistic missiles in the mid-course stage of their flight, they were first deployed in Today there are some 44 interceptor missiles deployed - the bulk of them are at Fort Greely in Alaska, with a small number at Vandenberg Air Force base in California.

These are backed up by a variety of sea and land-based radars. The interceptor's kill vehicle is designed to hit the incoming warhead, something likened by some to hitting "a bullet with a bullet".

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Deployed both at sea on Aegis-equipped US warships and at two equivalent bases on land in Romania and another under construction in Poland. This system uses the powerful sensors of the Aegis combat system on board the warships along with variants of the Standard missile.

Pentagon urges missile defence sensors in space

Another hit-to-kill system. A more mobile system involving interceptor missiles and radars, which - as the name implies - is useful for defending a more limited area. Deployed by several countries around the world, this is a development of an anti-aircraft system designed to defend against short and medium-range ballistic missiles in the final stages of their flight. Their purpose is to provide early warning of missile launches. The party's former deputy leader says replacing Boris Johnson may be the only way to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

British Army's new Land Ceptor Successful first test firing Missile

Pentagon urges missile defence sensors in space 17 January The new program still leaves the British playing catch-up in the deployment of laser weapons. The U.

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Navy trialed a laser weapon on an operational warship several years ago and is now planning to install a high-energy laser and integrated optical dazzler with surveillance system on the destroyer Preble in On the land side, German defense contractor Rheinmetall has been developing a laser weapon for several years and recently undertook comprehensive trials with a weapon station suitable for mounting on a platform like a Boxer armored vehicle.

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