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Sonnet 130

For some of us, however, this realization becomes more conscious as we age. This blog is about actualizing our higher potential.

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  • Pineal Gland Activation: A Complete Guide to Opening Your Third Eye?

In the Hindu tradition, the third eye is called the ajna chakra. Hindus believe that a blocked ajna chakra leads to:. These qualities are also essential for our spiritual and psychological development. Pineal gland activation brings a more significant connection to the natural world and a willingness to let go of ego pursuits that shut out our soul. Lucid dreaming, astral projection, and an enhanced imagination are topics related to pineal gland activation. The pineal may be a gateway to higher creativity.

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Although modern science and medicine have just begun to understand the critical role of the pineal gland, ancient cultures and traditions already have this knowledge. For Buddhists, the pineal is a symbol of spiritual awakening. In ancient Egypt, we find numerous references to the third eye and the pineal region. The Eye of Ra ancient Egypt on the left and a cross-section of the pineal, pituitary, and corpus callosum region on the right. Ancient Greeks believed the pineal was our connection to thought itself.

French mathematician and philosopher, Rene Descartes, shared this view. Speaking about the pineal, he wrote in Treatise of Man :. Cultures as far back as ancient Egypt referred to the pineal as the inner eye or the third eye. When you cut the pineal open, pinealocytes line the interior. These pinealocytes resemble the rods and cones in the retina of our eyes. How ancient cultures knew this is unclear. In Light: Medicine of the Future , Jacob Liberman explains that light stimulates the pineal in creatures like birds, lizards, and fish directly through the skull.

Liberman believes humans initially received light stimulation through the top of the head crown , as is described in many mystical and ancient traditions. The pineal, then, represents the inward seeing eye. Meaning that activating this third eye helps us see life beyond the typical limitations of our perception, bringing clarity of vision.

Each tradition has different methods for activating the third eye. It may be that different methods are appropriate for different individuals based on type, temperament, or some other factors. Through a review of each of these methods, a curious pattern emerges. Some traditions, like the Northern Reality School of Taoism, also caution against esoteric methods of altering your consciousness.

It is possible that the third eye is designed to open naturally when the conditions are appropriate for an individual.

Ancient cultures had shamans and wise elders who guided such processes for the younger generations. Today, however, each of us is responsible for our inner journeys to awakening and higher development. Perhaps the most traditional method of opening your third eye is through formal sitting meditation.


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Meditation is an essential topic for anyone interested in accessing their higher potential. But for our purposes here, through various meditative techniques , you can stimulate and activate your pineal gland. The pineal gland is sensitive to the bioelectrical signals of light and dark in its environment. Meditation can activate this bioelectric energy. And, with practice, you can direct this energy to the pineal gland, stimulating it and helping it open. For your meditation to be effective, your mind must become still so the scattered energy in your body can consolidate.

Instead, we observe or watch our mind and allow it to become still without effort. The key is to remain relaxed and avoid trying to force the exercise.

The Opening of the Eyes | WND I | Nichiren Buddhism Library

Let go of wanting or expecting any result as this will create tension that will block the flow of energy in this process. This relaxed focus releases neuropeptides and nitric oxide, which trigger the relaxation response. These chemicals will allow you to move into deeper meditation while stimulating the third eye region.

Recall that melatonin is the main chemical produced and circulated by the pineal gland. Not surprisingly, in the brains of meditators, they find an increase in melatonin secretion.

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Using functional MRI scans of individuals in a particular form of sitting meditation, researchers at Taiwan University found that meditation does trigger pineal gland activation. And sungazing is a perfect example. Sun gazing is a powerful, ancient technique with tremendous benefits. They confirmed his claims that he survives mostly on sunlight with a minimal amount of water. Further, the pineal gland shrinks in individuals after their mid-fifties. Is this so surprising? Recall the profound impact light has on the pineal from our last guide on the pineal gland and sleep.

The research cited in that guide supports the idea that sunlight reduces the harmful effects of artificial blue light. Note : More recently, HRM started eating.

The Opening of the Eyes

In my personal experience with sun gazing, I can confirm these reports as well. This study by the Intermountain Medical Center found that periodic fasting:. HGH is a metabolic protein that protects lean muscle and metabolic balance. HGH increased an average of 1, percent in women and 2, percent in men during a hour fasting period. In the first quatrain, the speaker spends one line on each comparison between his mistress and something else the sun, coral, snow, and wires—the one positive thing in the whole poem some part of his mistress is like.

This creates the effect of an expanding and developing argument, and neatly prevents the poem—which does, after all, rely on a single kind of joke for its first twelve lines—from becoming stagnant.

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