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We encourage you to contact them if you feel your item was removed incorrectly or if you need additional information about why it was reported and removed. If the rights owner has a VeRO participant profile, please read it first as it may answer some of the questions you have. Be sure to include the following information when you contact the rights owner. When eBay receives notice through VeRO that a listing allegedly infringes intellectual property rights, we must remove the listing as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there may be times when listings aren't removed because the rights owner has not reported them to us. If you believe an item is potentially infringing, and it hasn't been removed by eBay, we encourage you to contact the rights owner and inform them of the possible infringement.

VeRO may only be used by rights owners to submit claims of alleged intellectual property infringement. If you've reported a listing in error, you can submit a retraction by emailing the listing information to the VeRO team at vero ebay. Since the VeRO program is for rights owners, if you don't own intellectual property rights and aren't their authorized representative, you won't be able to report items through the program.

However, you can still help by getting in touch with legitimate rights owners companies or individuals who hold intellectual property rights and encouraging them to contact us about participating in the VeRO program. You can also inform them of potentially problematic listings. The VeRO program can't be used to report stolen items. If you have identified a seller listing items which you believe to be stolen, we ask that you contact the relevant law enforcement body. We can't take action regarding stolen items unless we receive a report from law enforcement.

Once this happens, we'll gladly assist them with their investigations. Please leave the following fields untouched. Shipping Whether you ship across town or around the world, learn how to do it right. Service and Payments Learn how to give great service and get paid. Additional Resources. Seller Center Search. Verified Rights Owner Program.

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On This Page. What is the verified rights owner program? More information. What happened to my listing?

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I want to report a rights violation VeRO participant profiles. Contact us in the following circumstances You can't find the rights owner's email address in your removal notification email. You sent an email to the rights owner, but they haven't replied after 5 business days. Examples of infringements Items that bear the rights owner's trademark—such as a logo—but were not authorized by the rights owner.

Unauthorized copies of audio, video, or other media. Unauthorized use of a rights owner's images or text in a listing.

Verified Rights Owner Program

I want to report a rights violation We appreciate your help in identifying and reporting listings or product pages you believe may infringe on your intellectual property rights. Reportable listings include Items that infringe on your intellectual property. Counterfeit or replica items. Unauthorized use of copyrighted content in a listing or product page Ineligible reasons to report a listing Wanting to control where a product is resold by trying to enforce contracts or distribution of goods to authorized sellers selective distribution.

Not allowing the sale if items are below a controlled price point minimum advertised pricing or MAP. Any terms a brand puts into their contracts that controls the way items are resold contractual issues. Government-controlled items that are illegal to sell regulatory compliance issues.

By fax By mail eBay Designated Agent W. By email copyright ebay. VeRO participant profiles If you are a Verified Rights Owner, you may create a profile page which allows you to share information about your intellectual property rights with the eBay community.


For example, you can provide information about A list of your intellectual property, including brands, trademarks, and copyrights. The potential consequences of infringing on a company's IP rights. The conditions under which products bearing your IP may be sold. How to contact you with questions or concerns.

Other frequently asked questions. Example Items that weren't made by the manufacturer but the items are labeled with the brand, like a purse that has a Burberry label on it but wasn't made by Burberry. Examples A generic case made for an iPhone uses the brand name "Apple". Listing an adidas shoe and adding the brand name "Nike". Example Listing a branded item and including logos in your description or images without authorization. Example Listing a product and including information about the manufacturer's warranty without checking to see if it covers resale of the product.

Examples Images or text copied from other websites or internet searches.

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Stock photos and text used without permission. Scans or text copied from catalogs or advertisements. Examples Burning unauthorized copies of movies or music and selling the copies. Opened software subject to licensing agreements.

Verified Rights Owner Program

Example The shape and material used to create a designer sofa is copied and used to create an imitation or lookalike. Example Product intended for sale only in the United States is listed for sale to buyers in Europe. Create your own listing content Write your own text for your listing and take your own photos. Don't use text or images from other web searches, manufacturer websites, third-party product catalogs, or other sources without specific permission from the owner of the content. Use the eBay Product Catalog to create your listing If you're creating a listing that has been added to the eBay product catalog, you can take advantage of images and product details that are already available.

Make sure the statements in your listing are accurate Make sure that all statements and claims in your listing are accurate and complete. Rights owners may object to listings that contain false, inaccurate, or misleading claims about their brands or products. Use brand names appropriately If you're selling a brand-name product, you can mention the brand name in your listing and include photos that you've taken of the item you're selling. Review the VeRO participant profiles created by intellectual property rights owners We encourage intellectual property rights owners who report items through the VeRO program to create a participant profile that explains their policies and procedures concerning infringing items.

If you have questions or concerns about a specific item you're interested in selling, check the VeRO Participant Profiles tab on this page to find the profiles created by rights owners. There are a few reasons why this could happen There might be a difference between your listing and the other that isn't obvious. An intellectual property rights owner may have reported your listing as allegedly infringing, but hasn't yet reported the other listings.

If your listing was removed, don't relist without first finding out why. This feature eliminates the possibility of radio interference and ensures optimal operation. All older model Genie Intellicode garage door openers manufactured after utilize Series I technology. Series I technology allows the keypad to randomly rotate through billions of different security combinations but only transmits at one radio frequency. As you can guess, Series I mode and Series II mode are not compatible and is why a customer has trouble programming a new wireless keypad to an older model Code Dodger garage door opener.

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